Brothers Locksmith in Detroit MI

During Detroit’s infamous crack cocaine era in the mid-1980s, four brothers named Chambers built one of America’s biggest drug empires. They paid teenagers to maintain about a dozen crack houses throughout the city.

Five years after being freed from prison for a murder conviction that was later overturned, Thomas Highers is back behind bars. He’s been charged with assaulting his estranged wife.


Brothers Locksmith in Detroit MI offers residential lockout services, as well as rekeying, repair, and installation of doorknobs and deadbolts. They also offer viper and avital alarm systems for the home. They have been serving the needs of commercial and residential customers for more than five decades. They have a service truck, security center location and staff with years of experience in the security industry. Jim and his brother are proving that the good, honest, hardworking locksmiths can prosper in this time of economic uncertainty by learning more, specializing, networking and fighting for survival.

He has joined ALOA, asked for positive referrals from his customers and has been advertising on Angie’s List. He has also become an automotive specialist. Hopefully, these efforts will pay off in the coming year.


Brothers Locksmith in Detroit MI offers a wide range of commercial services including: rekeying, lockout service, installation of new locks, door knobs and levers, deadbolts and smart locks, and repair of existing ones. They also offer key duplication, key fobs and transponder keys. They have a 24-hour emergency service and are available to assist you with your security needs.

Jim Mowry from Aaron’s Lock and Key recently wrote a very strong letter to AT&T’s sales manager concerning the proliferation of illegitimate locksmith listings on their Yellow Pages and Internet sites. He asked that AT&T remove these illegitimate listings and introduce programs to help set real locksmiths apart from scammers. Good locksmiths will learn more, specialize and network more than ever before and if they’re willing to fight for survival, they can prosper. The future belongs to those who differentiate themselves from the competition. That’s why ALOA and TMP Directional Marketing have introduced the new Yellow Pages Branded Ad National Program and an ALOA Trademarked Column Listing which will hopefully help consumers identify a trusted locksmith.


When you have a stuck lock, broken key or just need a fresh set of doorknobs or levers, call the professionals at Brothers Locksmith in Detroit MI. They can install new deadbolt locks to enhance security and repair existing ones. They also provide car lockout service and rekey locks. They can replace and reprogramme new key fobs. They can also install a full line of auto alarms by viper, avital and directed electronics.

Reputable locksmiths must learn more, specialize and network. They must be willing to fight for survival and those that do will prosper. Enterprising, hardworking, honest locksmiths will always exist as long as people need to open their homes, businesses and cars. These enterprising locksmiths must network, ask for positive referrals and fight the scammers for survival.


A reputable locksmith will be at your service quickly and will help you solve the problem. He or she can do a lock repair, replace your deadbolt, and install new doorknobs and door levers for better security. They will also provide home and car lockout services and smart locks installation. They can also recode your electronic key fob or transponder keys.

Many consumers have experienced the horror of finding themselves locked out of their home, office or vehicle. It can be one of the most stressful of all emergencies. Fortunately, emergency locksmith services are available on call 24/7.

In this highly competitive and regulated business, it is important for locksmiths to learn more, specialize, network, and fight for survival. Those who do so will prosper while those who do not will fade into obscurity. This is why veteran locksmith Jim Mowry wrote a vehement letter to AT&T and the Yellow Pages about the proliferation of illegitimate locksmith listings.