Commercial Locksmith DC

Commercial locksmiths specialize in assisting businesses with their security needs. This can include installing new locks, creating a master key system for access to different parts of the building at different times, and more.

As a commercial locksmith, it is important to know your industry and what your customers are looking for. This will help you work smarter and offer better service at a lower cost.


Commercial Locksmith DC provides safe cracking services for their clients. Their technicians are fully equipped to open any safe while preventing damage to the box itself.

Typical methods for opening safes include scoping and drilling. This method requires a drill to make a hole into a mechanical safe so that a precision instrument can manipulate the lock.

Another technique for opening safes is by picking. This method is less difficult than the other methods and typically takes less time to complete.

Safes are a common product of the locksmith industry and are used by homeowners and businesses to store valuables such as documents, money, and jewelry. They are often large and heavy, and they may require professional installation to ensure security.


Besides the requisite locks and keys, there is a whole lot more to a secure and safe business operation. The best commercial locksmith will provide you with a full compliment of security solutions ranging from cylinder rekeying to the installation of keyless entry systems and more. Aside from the big guns, a commercial security technician should also be on the lookout for security mishaps such as forgotten combinations or unintentional lock changes by occupants of the building. Fortunately, most reputable locksmiths are on call round the clock or at least when their clients want them. The best of the rest are those who take the time to learn about their customers and their needs.

If you have questions about your locks or your occupants, you can count on our friendly and knowledgeable staff to answer any of your queries. Those looking for a free quote or in-house consultation should call us today.


Locks are a vital part of any security system and Commercial Locksmith DC has the skills to install, repair, or replace locks on commercial buildings. They can also make custom secure locks for your business. These types of locks are often difficult to pick and discourage intruders from entering your building.

In addition to installing high-security locks, Commercial Locksmith DC can also provide key duplication services for your business. We have the tools and trained technicians to duplicate most keys, including master key systems. In addition, we can install keyless entry systems and other technologically advanced commercial locks. If you have any questions about which locks are best for your commercial property, contact us today! We look forward to serving you! We proudly serve the greater Washington DC area. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate! Our licensed and insured locksmiths will answer all your questions, provide professional advice and service and show you the most efficient solutions for your security needs.


Lockouts are an emergency, and you need a professional to help you out. Thankfully, there are many locksmith companies in Washington, DC that provide lockout services at all times of the day or night.

In fact, some of these locksmiths even work around your schedule. For instance, you can call Golden Hands 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have members of their team arrive at your location within 30 minutes to assist with your needs.

They also offer residential & commercial lockouts, storage unit lockouts, bike locks opening, smart lock installations, lock repairs & replacements, and more. Their technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. They offer upfront flat rates, no hidden charges, and are available for all your lock and key needs. Contact them today! They are sure to get the job done right. And you’ll be glad you did! You can reach them at 202-877-9490. And don’t forget to check out their reviews on Yelp!